Amuse Bouche Challenge 2008


Having produced a 12 course meal for Christmas Eve four years in a row, we decided to take a break from the huge production and get the daughters involved.  So we created the Amuse Bouche Challenge.  Each person was to prepare a tintillating bite of flavor to amuse the mouth. We had score cards for Taste, Presentation,Originality and Extra Credit points (see below) . Daughter Katie won with her Stuffed Date wrapped with seasoned bacon (sorry can’t find a picture) but only because Mollie left off an ingredient and admitted it. (See negative Extra Credit pts !!)
Fortunately we had plenty of Champagne

The Winner

Chocolate Brie Paninni

Diver Scallops with Artichoke and Pancetta

Steak Oscar on Artichoke "Spoons"

Christmas Eve 2008 Amuse Bouche Challenge

Each contestant must present an Amuse Bouche for the champagne hour(s),
consisting of one incredible mouthful of food, intended to stir the
taste buds and awake the appetite
Entries will be scored by the Judges based on 20 points.  10 for taste,
5 presentation and 5 for originality.
Extra point credits follow:
        Uses Quail egg                                                     5
        Feeds scrape to dog while prepping          4
        Matches or compliments Champagne     3
        Uses protein                                                        2
        Makes salad or soup                                        1
        Gets Bleeped                                                     -1
        Cries or cuts finger                                        -1
        Tastes food using prep utensil                  -2
        Forgets ingredient                                        -3
        Feeds dog during competition                 -4
        Judge spits out food                                     -5
Highest total points wins the Challenge and is declared the Amuse Bouche
for 2008!

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