Joyce’s World Famous Brownies

For almost 10 years we ran the Carillon Cafe(s), at which we made my wife’s brownie recipe.  Somewhere along the  way her brother Bob related how good they were and exclaimed, “They’re World Famous”. Thus the title and ….They ARE!!

Joyce’s World Famous Brownies

2c               Sugar
2/3c            Cocoa
2/3c            Melted Butter
4                 Eggs
1/2tsp         Salt
1-1/2c        Flour
1tsp            Baking Powder
2tsp            Vanilla
2c               Chocolate Chips
Combine Cocoa and sugar in bowl.  Add melted butter.
Stir in eggs. Sift dry ingredients together and add.  Fold in vanilla and chocolate chips.
Greased 9×13 pan Bake 25-30minutes @ 350°
Sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Cut when cool

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