July 4th……….what else but RIBS !!!

What’s more American than Baby Back BBQ Ribs on the Fourth of July?

Chef Rouler has some simple steps to making some mighty tasty ribs in your own backyard.

Rub Dem Ribs!   Mix up dry rub (recipe below) or buy a Rub of your liking. Ribs should sit for 2-4 hours or overnight

Soak wood chips 2-4 hours or overnight in water

Dry Rub
                                                    1c        Brown Sugar

1/4c     Emeril Essence or other Cajun Spice
1/4c     Canadian Steak Seasoning
2Tbs   Salt
2Tbs   Paprika
1Tbs   Garlic Powder
 1Tbs   Cumin                                                  
                                                     1Tbs   Black Pepper
                                                    1Tbs   Cayenne Pepper (hot) or Chili Powder (Medium)
                                                    1Tbs   Thyme

Preheat grill to 400 degrees.

Make a foil container for wood chips and place on grill.
A small foil bread pan works great!


Score Ribs on grill and sear in juices


 Reduce heat to INDIRECT and 300-325 degrees. Monitor temperature and wood chips for the first 15 minutes to assure that the ribs are not burning and the chips are starting to smoke. Add more wet chips as needed to increase smoke and keep chips from setting on fire.  If you don’t have 3-4 burners on your grill, you can place ribs on two layers of foil to remove them from direct heat.

Cook for 2 hours, checking every 20 minutes to adjust heat (300-325), add chips and turn racks.  After 2 hours, ribs should be pliable but bones will not pull out.

Option #1:  Place ribs in baking pan, add one bottle of Brown Ale or Porter, cover with foil  and place in a 300 degree OVEN for 45 to 90 minutes. When outside bones can be pulled from rack, Ribs are done

Option #2: Continue to cook on grill for 45 to 90 minutes for same bone pulling result.

You can serve immediately, adding BBQ sauce for 2 minutes on each side or serve as is with sauce on the side.

OR you can remove from heat, cool and place in refrigerator until needed. To heat (FLASH), heat grill to 400, place ribs on grill and cook for 20 minutes, turning often as not to burn or char edges. Add sauce as mentioned above.

Have a safe, happy, finger lickin’, lip smackin’ and bone suckin’ good Fourth of July !!

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