5th Time is a Charm?

Prepping Carmel Pecan French Toast for 80

Greet ’em and Feed ’em, ready to go

Anna Schaberg’s wedding August 21st and the Chef was asked to cater the After the Wedding Brunch.  See For the Masses for recipes.

For help with party planning, recipes and amounts, contact: Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler Catering and Events

269-327-6225  or post a comment on this site.

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There are blt’s and there are BLT’S !!

I wait every year for August and fresh garden tomatoes so I can make a sandwich you will never see in a restaurant.

The Chef Rouler BLT !

Three slices of Toast

1-2 Large Garden Fresh Tomatoes  (Hint: homegrown tomatoes tend to have a tough skin so I peel them)

6 slices Thick Cut Bacon

Mayo, lettuce, Salt and Pepper.

Peel and slice tomatoes 1/2″ thick

Spread Mayo on all 3 slices of toast, layer 3 slices of bacon on top and bottom slices.

Add Thick Cut tomato slices to first slice, layer lettuce and tomato on second slice. Season tomatoes with salt & pepper.  Assemble sandwich, stack 2 on top of 1, and flip 3 on top of 2’s tomatoes.

Now that’s a BLT!

PS: Best when eaten over the sink…………………… ;>)

AskChef Email

Dear Chef Rouler, 
I am about to spend a week in Cape Cod with my in-laws.  I am in charge of making one dinner, for 12 adults.  Since we will be at the Cape, I would like to use some fresh local ingredients such as shrimp, clams, mussels, crab, and/or lobster.  Any ideas for a tasty meal?  Suggestions for side dishes would also be appreciated!
Thank you,
Caped Cod Crusader

Dear C to the 3,

A lot will depend on your skill in the kitchen and the time you want to spend in the kitchen OR AWAY from your In-Laws!  To feed that many, you are probably best with a family style meal.  All that seafood brings to mind Paella, the Spanish rice, chicken, sausage and seafood dish, Bouillabaisse – French seafood stew, Cacciucco- Italian seafood stew or Gumbo – Cajun seafood stew.  I just recently had a dish in NY that was Shrimp, Lobster, artichoke and mushrooms all in a red sauce over linguine. The Classic Clambake would hit the spot but it takes all day.

If I had the resources of fresh seafoods and knew all attending liked seafood I would probably propose this menu

Appetizer: Clams, oysters, mussels, shrimp – either raw or deep fried

Fettuccine with Seafood, artichokes, mushrooms in a red sauce



Tossed garden salad with locally grown produce

Italian breads, olive oil, olives or olive tapenade.

Fresh Berry Pie ala mode (local) or Triramisu

LOTS of Italian wines: Red and White and                                        

don’t forget the Lemoncello liquor for after dinner. 

 It ain’t no party until the Lemoncello is gone !!!!




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Where in the World is Rouler?

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while but we were on the ERIE CANAL with our friends Rick and Donna Gross.   Rick has a 42 ft Wooden Mathews Yacht, LoonFeather that he has been working on for 5 years. The cumulation of his efforts is a round trip cruise from Cheboygan, MI to the Hudson River and back.  http://loonfeather.nycanals.com/blog/ .  So Chef has not been in his kitchen and was forced to adjust to conditions to produce his magic.  Galley was 4×4 with just over 6 ft of clearance but we had a heat source so I donned my short order cook hat and fired up.

Eggs, Omelets, Pork Products, pancakes cooked to order.

How to keep the Captain Happy?  Pork Products and a 3 egg omelet!  


Other than the stove, we did have a fantail grill so Chicken, Ribs and Burgers were the dinner entrees.

And to top it all off, Rick is short handed for the last leg in the North Channel of Lake Huron so Chef will be back on the LoonFeather August 23-30!  Follow his travels with this map http://tiny.cc/LFMap

August in Michigan = Blueberries !!!

Here’s a simple and delicious recipe to enjoy blueberries (or any other berry) for dessert.

Bates’ Creamy Berry Tart

                                      9” pie                       11×14 pan
Crumb Crust
Graham Crackers   1-1/2C (1pkg)        3C (2pkg)
Sugar                                 1/2 C                          1 C
Melted Butter                  1/3 C                         2/3 C
Crush Graham Crackers in food processor, add sugar, then butter
Mold into greased pan to form pie crust
Cream Cheese                 8oz (1pkg)                      16oz (2 pkg)
Sour Cream                    1/2 C                                  1 C
Sugar                                 ¼ C                                    ½ C
Lemon Zest                     2 Tsp                             1 Tbsp
Blend all with hand mixer, can thin with cream or milk if desired
Spoon and spread over Crust                                                            
Berries            1 C            2C
Top filling with berries
Can blend blueberry with Raspberry for RW&B
Chill for one hour

And if you have any extra berries, there is always the old standby for Breakfast, Lunch or Late Nite dining

Cereal and Blueberries, YUM!!