August in Michigan = Blueberries !!!

Here’s a simple and delicious recipe to enjoy blueberries (or any other berry) for dessert.

Bates’ Creamy Berry Tart

                                      9” pie                       11×14 pan
Crumb Crust
Graham Crackers   1-1/2C (1pkg)        3C (2pkg)
Sugar                                 1/2 C                          1 C
Melted Butter                  1/3 C                         2/3 C
Crush Graham Crackers in food processor, add sugar, then butter
Mold into greased pan to form pie crust
Cream Cheese                 8oz (1pkg)                      16oz (2 pkg)
Sour Cream                    1/2 C                                  1 C
Sugar                                 ¼ C                                    ½ C
Lemon Zest                     2 Tsp                             1 Tbsp
Blend all with hand mixer, can thin with cream or milk if desired
Spoon and spread over Crust                                                            
Berries            1 C            2C
Top filling with berries
Can blend blueberry with Raspberry for RW&B
Chill for one hour

And if you have any extra berries, there is always the old standby for Breakfast, Lunch or Late Nite dining

Cereal and Blueberries, YUM!!

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