Where in the World is Rouler?

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while but we were on the ERIE CANAL with our friends Rick and Donna Gross.   Rick has a 42 ft Wooden Mathews Yacht, LoonFeather that he has been working on for 5 years. The cumulation of his efforts is a round trip cruise from Cheboygan, MI to the Hudson River and back.  http://loonfeather.nycanals.com/blog/ .  So Chef has not been in his kitchen and was forced to adjust to conditions to produce his magic.  Galley was 4×4 with just over 6 ft of clearance but we had a heat source so I donned my short order cook hat and fired up.

Eggs, Omelets, Pork Products, pancakes cooked to order.

How to keep the Captain Happy?  Pork Products and a 3 egg omelet!  


Other than the stove, we did have a fantail grill so Chicken, Ribs and Burgers were the dinner entrees.

And to top it all off, Rick is short handed for the last leg in the North Channel of Lake Huron so Chef will be back on the LoonFeather August 23-30!  Follow his travels with this map http://tiny.cc/LFMap

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