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Dear Chef Rouler, 
I am about to spend a week in Cape Cod with my in-laws.  I am in charge of making one dinner, for 12 adults.  Since we will be at the Cape, I would like to use some fresh local ingredients such as shrimp, clams, mussels, crab, and/or lobster.  Any ideas for a tasty meal?  Suggestions for side dishes would also be appreciated!
Thank you,
Caped Cod Crusader

Dear C to the 3,

A lot will depend on your skill in the kitchen and the time you want to spend in the kitchen OR AWAY from your In-Laws!  To feed that many, you are probably best with a family style meal.  All that seafood brings to mind Paella, the Spanish rice, chicken, sausage and seafood dish, Bouillabaisse – French seafood stew, Cacciucco- Italian seafood stew or Gumbo – Cajun seafood stew.  I just recently had a dish in NY that was Shrimp, Lobster, artichoke and mushrooms all in a red sauce over linguine. The Classic Clambake would hit the spot but it takes all day.

If I had the resources of fresh seafoods and knew all attending liked seafood I would probably propose this menu

Appetizer: Clams, oysters, mussels, shrimp – either raw or deep fried

Fettuccine with Seafood, artichokes, mushrooms in a red sauce



Tossed garden salad with locally grown produce

Italian breads, olive oil, olives or olive tapenade.

Fresh Berry Pie ala mode (local) or Triramisu

LOTS of Italian wines: Red and White and                                        

don’t forget the Lemoncello liquor for after dinner. 

 It ain’t no party until the Lemoncello is gone !!!!




Thank you for using


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