There are blt’s and there are BLT’S !!

I wait every year for August and fresh garden tomatoes so I can make a sandwich you will never see in a restaurant.

The Chef Rouler BLT !

Three slices of Toast

1-2 Large Garden Fresh Tomatoes  (Hint: homegrown tomatoes tend to have a tough skin so I peel them)

6 slices Thick Cut Bacon

Mayo, lettuce, Salt and Pepper.

Peel and slice tomatoes 1/2″ thick

Spread Mayo on all 3 slices of toast, layer 3 slices of bacon on top and bottom slices.

Add Thick Cut tomato slices to first slice, layer lettuce and tomato on second slice. Season tomatoes with salt & pepper.  Assemble sandwich, stack 2 on top of 1, and flip 3 on top of 2’s tomatoes.

Now that’s a BLT!

PS: Best when eaten over the sink…………………… ;>)

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