How to impress a woman………………

Want a great way to win the hearts and minds of a woman….. or a man?  Make her/him  fresh Scones for Breakfast and serve them to her/him while still in bed with Tea and the Sunday paper. Works every time!!


3 C              Flour

1Tbsp           Baking Powder

1/4C             Sugar

                                      1C               Butter (2 sticks)

                                        3                 Eggs

                                      1/3 C             Buttermilk or Half&Half or milk

                                       1 C              Any Dried  or fresh fruit

                         (Raisin, Cranberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Nuts, Chocolate Chips)

Mix dry ingredients.  Cut butter into small pieces and cut into flour mix with a pastry cutter. Beat eggs and add fruit. Pour in Buttermilk.  Stir just enough to bind.

Roll out on floured surface to ¾ inch thickness, cut into wedges (6-8) Place on greased baking sheet or Silpat . Brush with egg wash and dust each top with a generous teaspoon sugar.

 Bake 350° for 25-30 minutes until done and golden brown on edges.

Orange Cranberry Scones

Optional: Season with cinnamon or other spice(orange zest) or ice with white fondant.