Fall Entrees

Fall weather equals comfort food. Here’s any easy Swiss Steak recipe with a secret ingredient, Chili Sauce!

Easy Baked Swiss Steak

2#                   Round steak cut into serving size (4-5oz) or Cubed Steak pieces
¼ C                 Flour
2 Tsp              Salt
2TBSP          Cajun Seasoning (BAM)
1/4C                Salad Oil
Measure flour, salt and spice into Ziploc Bag, add meat pieces and tumble to dust evenly
Brown meat in oil, in oven proof Skillet or Dutch oven, Remove from pan.
2 med             Onions diced
1 clv                Crushed Garlic
1/2C                Diced Celery
½ C                 Sliced Bell Pepper (can slice as a ring)
¼ C                 Thick slice Carrot (or whole baby carrot)
1 Jar               Chili Sauce (12oz)
¾ C                 Beef Stock (or water)
Add Onion and Garlic to pan and sauté until lightly browned
Add celery, carrot, onion and cook until translucent (3 minutes)
Add stock and Chili Sauce.  Stir to combine.
Return meat to pan and cover with sauce.
Bake in a covered pot (or use tin foil) at 350° for 1 to 1-1/2 hours until Meat is tender.
Serve with Mashed Potatoes !!!!!
Serves 4-6

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