Dear Chef Rouler, HELP!!

How do you make your famous mashed potatoes?  I know what ingredients you use, but I don’t know how much!
Please help!


Dear Mashed in Vail,

I start with one medium to large potato per person, then I add two more for the pot. 


Chef Rouler’s Mashed Potatoes

3-5#   Potatoes, cubed and boiled in salted water until fork tender.  

1 whole bulb of roasted garlic *

1/4# Butter (one stick)

Half&Half or Milk  1/2-1 Cup

Salt & Pepper.  Seasonings: BAM, Onion or Garlic powder. Can add sour cream but it will add moisture to mix so do before you add Half&Half.

Mash cooked potatoes with a whole bulb of roasted garlic and one stick of butter. Salt &Pepper to taste. TASTE.  Add enough Half&Half (milk) to make light and fluffy. TASTE.  Can adjust seasoning with more Salt&Pepper, BAM, Garlic or Onion powder.  TASTE.  When in doubt, add a little more salt. Potatoes love salt !!!

* Roast Garlic.

Take one whole bulb of garlic and remove the top 1/4 of the bulb to expose the pulp.  Place bulb in ceramic ramekin with 1 Tbsp of water. Drizzle Olive oil over bulb and season with Salt and Bam. Cover with SaranWrap. Microwave 1-2 minutes until cloves are tender.  OVEN: Place in baking dish, cover with foil , ( can just wrap bulb in Foil in needed) water and seasoning,  bake for 1 hour at 350.

Cloves are done when they are tender enough to squeeze pulp out of bulb. Mash with fork and set aside for later use.

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