2010 Bates AB Christmas Eve Food Challenge

OK, the panel of judges has had their annual meeting and the determination for this year’s Amuse Bouche Food Challenge is …………………………..
Surprise Protein !!!!!!!!
 You will pick two numbers between 1-10 and be assigned two different proteins from which you must develop your dish.
Numbers will be selected by age in a double round robin format, conducted via email.  Each contestant must produce a “Small Plates” Amuse Bouche for Christmas Eve.
Extra credit if you do two dishes or incorporate both proteins in one dish.  
Selections must be made by December 12th and the panel will send you the protein selection so that you may plan ahead.
Any needed items MUST be submitted to Supply Guy no later than Monday December 20th.  
 Presented Dishes will be scored in the following format (20 pts)
Taste                               10 pts
Presentation                     5 pts
Originality                        5 pts
Extra Credit                      See Below 
Uses both Proteins                    5
Makes two dishes                     5     participant will select one dish to be judged for the TPO points
Makes Gnocchi                         4
Compliments Champagne          3
Uses Quail Egg                        2
Makes salad or soup                 1
Gets Bleeped                           -1
Cries or cuts finger                    -2
Tastes food using prep utensil    -3
Forgets an ingredient                -4
Judges spit out food                 -5
Remember, an Amuse Bouche is an incredible mouthful of food, intended to stir the taste buds and awaken the appetite.
It can be thought of as a “stolen kiss…”
 Your Challenge starts…………………………NOW!

Events Coordinator
Liassez Les Bon Temps Rouler Catering and Events
        where good food isn’t always served in good taste……

Selections are done !!
1       Shrimp                         Katie
2       Other Seafood              Rolf
3       Poultry                        Mollie
4      Beef                             Joyce
5      Pork                            Joyce
6      Sausage/Smk meat      Rolf 
7      Cheese                       Katie
8      Lamb                          XXX
9      Bean/Legume              Mollie
10    Fish                            XXX
OK, Chefs you have your proteins and your challenge. See you at the Judges Table….12/24/2010!

And Now, the Recap of the 2010 AB Challenge.

Mollie:    Latin/Asian Fusion Tostadas.   Chicken with black bean/Mango Salsa and Seered Duck Breast with Mango/Edemane Salsa

Comments:  Chicken, corn ,bean- been there, done that but good bean flavor.  Duck overpowered by tart Mango and sour cream garnish, needed more balance to the sweet or salty side.     Total Score: 145

Joyce:   Italian Meatball Slider with Beef and Pork

Comments: Good balance meat to sauce to bread.  Presentation lacking.  Score 119 *    (only produced one dish)

Rolf: Bisque with Ricotta/Lobster Ravioli

Comment: Good color, lacks full lobster flavor, ravioli somewhat tough.  Red caviar nice touch as garnish.

Mirliton Pirogue stuffed with Andouille and King Crab with a Tasso/Oyster Hollandaise

Comments: Most ambitious, lots of items and flavors.  2 shellfish, two smoked meats.

Score 145

Katie:  Gambas al Ajillo; Shrimp in Garlic Tapa

Comments: Shrimp well cooked, too spicy, sauce very hot.

Roasted Onion with Garganzola Tapa

Comments: Good sweet to tart balance, best in show!

One bite is not enough!

Score: 147

And the 2010 Bates AB Christmas Eve Food Challenge is…………………………

KATIE BATES……..again :>(


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