Ask Chef Rouler

Dear Chef,

Just wanted to ask your opinion on the menu I’m putting together for book club next week.  We generally do heavy appetizers and of course, wine.  We’re reading a book of short stories written by a Philadelphian, so obviously the theme is small and Philadelphia (like my apartment…get it?).  I’m making a cheesesteak crostini (flank steak/peppers/provolone) and ordering a tray of mini soft pretzels (very Philly).  I’m trying to decide if a cheese plate from DiBruno Brothers would be a. too much cheese and/or b. too discordant with the rest of the menu.  I think I’ll put out a crudite platter too just to break things up a bit.  Whaddaya think?

Katie in Philly

Dear Plummoxed in Philly,

Geez, just did some research on-line and Philly is only famous  for pretzels, cheese steaks and hoagies. So I guess you have it covered.  Before the research, I thought either Italian or seafood.
Best suggestion. Antipasto platter, best of both worlds, cheese, crudite, Italian, can have seafood added. DiBruno can probably make you up one if you don’t have the time to shop for all the items.

Go to and click on Hors d’oeuvres for further details. 
As always, Thank you for using
Asst to the Chef

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