Ask Chef Rouler:

Dear Chef,

I have acquired some beautiful Northern Michigan Morel Mushrooms and would like some serving suggestions for my weekend reunion party.  Please advise.

Petoskey Mushroom Maven

Dear Northern ‘Shroomer

Here are a few suggestions that come to mind:

Morel Bisque
Morel Omelet or Quiche,
Egg White Omelet w/Morel and Fontina Cheese
Morel Gravy and Biscuits
Angel Hair Pasta and Morel in cream sauce
Morel and Asparagus Risotto
White Pizza with Morels
Bacon Wrapped Morel Poppers
Chicken stuffed with Morel Duxelles
Stuffed Grilled Morels 
Bacon and Morel Mac and Cheese

I hope these ideas have your mouth watering and your skillet sizzling!

Bon Appetit!! and thank you for using


One thought on “Ask Chef Rouler:

  1. Dear Chef…I will be making a large quantity of chicken salad for a baby shower I’m having. I plan on cooking boneless chicken breasts. What is a good way to cook the meat to keep it juicy and moist…not dried ou.t?

    Also…do you have a good recipe for chicken salad that is a favorite?

    Chicken Little

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