Dear Chef…I will be making a large quantity of chicken salad for a baby shower I’m having. I plan on cooking boneless chicken breasts. What is a good way to cook the meat to keep it juicy and moist…not dried ou.t?

Also…do you have a good recipe for chicken salad that is a favorite?

Chicken Little                                                  

Dear Petite Poulet,

Low and Slow will always get a good juicy yield.  I would suggest placing SEASONED chicken breasts in a casserole with 1C of chicken broth, cover with foil and bake at 300 degrees for 45-60 minutes until done. (155 degrees interior)

As for Chicken Salad recipe, simple is best.  Chicken, HELLMANN’s Mayo, onion and celery.  Add Green Grapes for a sweeter finish or Green Peas as a flavor burst.  Season to your taste with S&P, BAM, Celery Salt, Garlic Powder or a hint of Sage.

Salad portion should be 4-6 oz per person.  Chicken to fixings ratio is about 50/50 and you’ll get about 30% loss in cooking so you’ll need about 3-5 oz of raw chicken to start.  i.e.  15 people x 5 oz = 75oz  or about 5#

And Remember, Appearance is 85% of Appreciation so make sure you garnish!!

Thank you for using !

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