Blender Magic or Mixology 101

The Chef is always surprised when people complain that they can’t find a good mix for a Margarita, Daiquiri or Whiskey Sour.  All these drinks are from the family of Sweet and Sour.  You can buy a pre-made mix for $3.49-$5.99 but many complain that the mix is too sweet or watered down.

I prefer this simple recipe.One can of Limeade ($.99 !!!), equal amount of chosen alcohol and ice.  Add ice to blender after liquid, for a 6 oz can, use half a blender of ice, for a 12 oz can fill  blender to the top.

Now, here’s the Magic,

 Blender:  6 oz of Limeade with 6 oz of Alcohol, add ice.  Makes 4- 6oz cocktails

Shaker: 2 oz of Limeade, 2 oz of Alcohol, add ice.   Makes a single cocktail

Daiquiri              Rum

Whiskey Sour    Whiskey

Margarita            6 oz Tequila and 3 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau

Tom Collins        Gin and 3oz of Soda

John Collins       Whiskey and 3 oz of Soda

Vodka Collins     Vodka and 3 oz of Soda

Sloe Gin Fizz      Sloe Gin and 3 oz of Soda

Stone Sour         Add 3 oz of Orange Juice and any alcohol

Want a fruit cocktail ( ie Strawberry) ADD Strawberries or add fruit flavored alcohol. Want a lighter, less tart cocktail, add a 12oz can of Lemon/Lime soda to the mix.. Garnish with appropriate fruit or a crazy little umbrella and straws

You now know how to make eight varieties of drinks with numerous fruit flavor variations.  You are on your way to a degree in Mixology.  This lesson is worth 10 Credits.    Skoal !!

Ye Olde Chicken

A long time ago, in a far, far away galaxy, before the Food Network, Foodies,10,000 brands of BBQ sauce and propane grills, there was Grilled Chicken. One preparation was a basting sauce called Cornell Sauce.  I first tasted it at the 8 Point Lake cottage of a certain MSU Co-Ed I was dating. Her father, a professor in Agronomy, used this sauce every time he grilled chicken, which was EVERY weekend.  He was an alumnus of Farmhouse fraternity and this sauce was accredited to Farmhouse Extension of Cornell University.

In researching this sauce I found some interesting facts.  It was created by Dr. Robert C. Baker in 1948 while he was at Penn State, but didn’t get any recognition until he was at Cornell University as a professor of Food Science.  He had been tasked to promote the New York State poultry industry, so he used his sauce on grilled chicken at the NY State fair.  Cornell Chicken is now the standard at the Fair and has been served there for over 50 years.  Dr. Baker’s other claim to fame is a thing called chicken nuggets!

We have always considered this a Tesar family recipe.  There is another chicken recipe from Milo B. called Topsey-Turvey Chicken. If you are interested in that recipe, comment on this Blog and the Chef will respond.

Cornell Sauce

For Grilled chicken: Half, Quarter or 8 pieces

2C           Vinegar
1C          Oil
1            Egg
3 Tbsp   Salt
1Tbsp    Poultry Seasoning- can substitute: chicken base, chicken bullion cube or spices
1 tsp      Black Pepper
Mix all ingredients together, liberally baste chicken every 15 minutes.

For a change of pace and trip back to Ye Olden Times try this sauce.

PS> Foodie quiz: Why is the egg important to this sauce?    10 pts.

There is always Next Year !!!

Sorry to all my VAST following but my photographers did not meet their deadlines for pictures. It’s a little late for the 4th of July to make this dessert but save this idea for next year. It’s a surprise FLAG CAKE !!  Looks like a bland white cake on the outside,  then  KABOOM! RED, WHITE and BLUE on the inside.

So here’s how you make it.  You need 2 white cake mixes (or make from scratch) Color one cake mix red and put into two  (8″ or 9″) cake pans.  Mix #2, pour half of mix into one pan and color the remaining half blue then place in pan #4                2- Red, 1-White, 1- Blue.  It takes a LOT of food coloring to get rich color. I used over a tube of red and blue for these cakes. Bake as directed and let cool.

Now the artistic part. Slice the white layer in half, slice both red layers in half  and put blue layer aside for now.

Make a 4″ circle out of cardboard (5″ if you used a 9″ cake pan) and use it to cut a red and a white circle out of one layer of each.  Left over cake is discarded or frozen for further use. One half layer of red is also extra.  Cut a 4″ circle out of the CENTER of the blue cake.

Now make a large batch of your favorite frosting (see below)*

To assemble, place one half RED on bottom of your serving dish. Apply a thin layer of icing (enough to hold layer) and place a WHITE layer, ice top and place a RED layer.  Add icing to top of red layer and place FULL PAN BLUE on top with the center cut out. Now carefully, place WHITE 4″, ice then RED 4″ into center to create “short stripes”.  Frost entire cake being careful not to spread crumbs into icing on the top.

You should now have a bland white cake.  When you cut into it the FLAG will appear  .

Happy Holiday!

And offer to bring the DESSERT the next Fourth of July !!!!

* Cream Cheese Frosting

1/2 C          Butter ( one stick) 
8 oz             Cream Cheese 
4-6 C           Powdered Sugar
1 tsp            Vanilla
2-4 Tbsp   Hvy Cream  or  Half &Half
Beat butter and cream cheese until smooth, slowly blend in 4 cups powdered sugar,add vanilla and 2 Tbsp of Cream.  Check consistency for icing a cake and add more Sugar or Cream until desired thickness is reached. 
Icing should be stiff to a soft peak but pliable for icing and smoothing out.