Blender Magic or Mixology 101

The Chef is always surprised when people complain that they can’t find a good mix for a Margarita, Daiquiri or Whiskey Sour.  All these drinks are from the family of Sweet and Sour.  You can buy a pre-made mix for $3.49-$5.99 but many complain that the mix is too sweet or watered down.

I prefer this simple recipe.One can of Limeade ($.99 !!!), equal amount of chosen alcohol and ice.  Add ice to blender after liquid, for a 6 oz can, use half a blender of ice, for a 12 oz can fill  blender to the top.

Now, here’s the Magic,

 Blender:  6 oz of Limeade with 6 oz of Alcohol, add ice.  Makes 4- 6oz cocktails

Shaker: 2 oz of Limeade, 2 oz of Alcohol, add ice.   Makes a single cocktail

Daiquiri              Rum

Whiskey Sour    Whiskey

Margarita            6 oz Tequila and 3 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau

Tom Collins        Gin and 3oz of Soda

John Collins       Whiskey and 3 oz of Soda

Vodka Collins     Vodka and 3 oz of Soda

Sloe Gin Fizz      Sloe Gin and 3 oz of Soda

Stone Sour         Add 3 oz of Orange Juice and any alcohol

Want a fruit cocktail ( ie Strawberry) ADD Strawberries or add fruit flavored alcohol. Want a lighter, less tart cocktail, add a 12oz can of Lemon/Lime soda to the mix.. Garnish with appropriate fruit or a crazy little umbrella and straws

You now know how to make eight varieties of drinks with numerous fruit flavor variations.  You are on your way to a degree in Mixology.  This lesson is worth 10 Credits.    Skoal !!

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