How Much is that Doggie…………..

A Party Planning Papa writes in:

Dear Chef, We’re serving Burgers and dogs on Sunday @ your namesake’s Eagle Scout party.  How many of each for 60? (incl. 20 teenage boys). HELP!!!

Dear Soaring like an Eagle Papa,

Usual meat entrée is 6-8 ounces per person (60×7= 420/16=26#) but with Burgers and Dogs you go by bun count. Figure 1-1/2 per person so you are looking at 90 portions.  Considering your crowd (20 TeenEaters) I would go up to 2 per person. (120). Mix is always hard to estimate but usually 70/30 Burger./Dog.  So Burger (20#=80ct) dogs (#5=40ct).  Either way when one is gone, they will eat the other. Regular burger frozen #10 party packs are 4/1 pound, you can buy a 3/1 but that’s a big burger for the ladies. Dogs are 8/1 or 10/1. Sides, figure 2-4 ounces per person so 16# of product(s) total. Chips, Munchies and Dips don’t count in Sides equation, only Salads, Fruit, Beans and the like.

Thank you for using for you catering concerns.

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