Cocktails Anyone??

A professional PR manager writes in to ask: Help me Chef Rouler, This is really a drinking question, not a cooking question, but I know you’re good for it. Catering’s catering, right? I’m hosting a “hospitality suite” at a conference in a couple of months. Rather than pay the Marriott markup and barkeep, we’re gonna BYO. Five nights. The fire marshal says 20 people, so let’s start with that. How much Liquor, Beer, Wine should I be looking at? This will not be their sole source of ethanol; quite the contrary. But they won’t be able to get liquor anywhere else on the tour, so I’m gonna be the man for bourbon or gin. Looking forward to some half-gallons, for sure, but how many and what? 

sign me, Hostess Cupcake

Dear CupCake

Let’s do the math!!

20people x 5 nights: one drink an hour plus one to start = 2 x20x5= 200 drinks.  10 x5 x 2 nighcaps = 100 drinks.  So lets go off 300 drinks for the 5 days or 15 drinks a person over 5 days or 3 drinks a day 

300 Drinks

Beer 15% = 45  so buy 2 cases or 8 six packs mix and match.

Wine 35%= 70  6 glasses to a bottle so a case(12) of wine to start: 50/50 Red to White or 3 btl @ 1.5Litre each

Booze  50% = 150 drinks.  Self pour so 2 oz per drinks = 300 ounces.  A fifth is 26oz and with spill figure 25 so  12 fifths of booze  2 fifths= 1/2 gallon

Scotch      2 fifth    
Gin           3 fifth 
Bourbon    3 fifth
Whiskey   2 fifth    Jack Daniels & Canadian   
Vodka       4 fifth
Rum         1 fifth
Tequila     ?        take from Vodka or Gin
Mixes:  Soda, Tonic, Coke, Diet Coke, 7Up. 4-6 oz of mix per drink depending on size of glass
Tonic and Diet Coke heavy hitters, figure 6-8 drinks/quart  So if Gin is all G&T your looking at 3×25=75/2=38 drinks/7oz = 5-6 Qts of Tonic over 5 days.  If you buy Coke in cans, you’ll lose some to pilfering and others to “half used”. Litre Btls are best. Probably as many rum&coke, Jack&coke as Gin so same amount to start or 3-Ltr bottles
Bonus Round Bar Extras  
Sweet&Sour mix – margarita, daiquiri, sours. Cranberry Juice, OJ, 
Garnish:  Limes, lemon?, Olive, Cherry. Umbrella picks in Rainbow colors? 
Dry Vermouth for Martini, Sweet for Manhattan, Bitters

Hope this makes you the Hostess with the Mostest CupCake ! Thank you for using for you catering and event concerns.