Bond………James Bond

The Chef has done it again!!  Upon a request to honor 50 years of Bond Movies, Chef Rouler has created a one of a kind menu with movie references.

An Evening with Bond……..James  Bond

Previews and Trailers

Caviar, Toast Points, Puff Pastry                         From Russia with Love                                                                                                        GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me

Caribbean Coconut Shrimp                                   Dr No, Thunderball

Turkey Phyllo Turnovers                                       The World is Not Enough

Voodoo Cajun Oysters                                           Live and Let Die

Vesper Cocktail                Casino Royale

Carte Blanche Cocktail   Newest Book – Carte Blanche

Extra Dry Vodka Martini  All 23 Movies to Date

Champagne- Bollinger ‘51

The Main Attraction

Avgolemono- Greek Egg-Lemon Soup                  For Your Eyes Only

Swiss Chard, Emmenthaler Salad                        On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Beef Wellington                                                       For Queen and Country !!

-Gold Fingerling Potatoes                             Goldfinger

-Broccoli                                                          Cubby and Family

Chocolate MoonPie Cake                                       Moonraker

Cheese, Sweets and Fruits                                    View to a Kill

Icewein                              Die Another Day